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Rapid Prototyping & Short Run Manufacturing Services

At Baldwin Manufacturing, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes create the right components and products they need to be successful. Rapid prototyping and short run manufacture services are one way we help our business partners test components, pre-sell their products to shareholders, and generally make sure they get exactly what they need. Our highly skilled team of journeymen and engineering professionals offer a variety of product design, development, and manufacture options to meet any need and exceed your expectations. On this page, you can learn more about our rapid prototyping and short run manufacture processes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Baldwin Manufacturing team for more information.


What is Rapid Prototyping & Short Run


Rapid prototyping at Baldwin Manufacturing uses 3D printing

or additive manufacturing to save our businesses time and

money as they begin to design or produce new items. You

can validate your design, impress stakeholders at

presentations, and generally test and examine your product

before investing in large amounts of product that make more

advanced manufacturing techniques cost-effective.


How are Rapid Prototyping & Short Run Manufacture Used?

You may want to engage the Baldwin Manufacturing team for rapid prototyping and short run manufacture in a variety of situations including:

  • Explore and test new concepts before investing in full manufacture runs

  • Show samples to stakeholders for advanced sales and product investment

  • Fast solution for the iterative design and refinement processes

  • Minimize design flaws for final products


What are Your Rapid Prototyping & Short Run Manufacture Capabilities?

We pride ourselves on offering flexibility to ensure our services cater to your design. Our rapid prototyping and short run manufacture capabilities include:

Benefits of Working with Baldwin Manufacturing Company

Baldwin Manufacturing is locally owned and operated out of Rosewood City, CA, and we partner with world-class manufacturing facilities in California and Nevada to deliver high quality engineered metals and plastics.


Every member of the Baldwin Manufacturing team is highly trained and certified in their individual area of the manufacture industry. We put that experience and training to work in order to help your business create the component parts and end products they need to be successful. When it comes to achieving your manufacturing needs, we know your business has other options, but the Baldwin Manufacturing team hopes you’ll choose to work with us. We are passionate about providing flexible, fast, and cost-effective manufacturing processes with a team dedicated to going the extra mile for our clients.

In short, unlike traditional manufacturing companies that fit your design into their processes, we have created the flexibility to allow your design to dictate the manufacture process, ensuring cost-effective, scalable, quality results.


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