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About Charlie Baldwin


Charlie Baldwin holds an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology and a B.S., Physics from Texas A&M. Charlie spent 4 years in the U.S. Coast Guard aviation doing search and rescue operations.


After 6 years in the oil and gas exploration industry, Charlie held engineering and program management positions at Boeing, Rockwell and Honeywell across a 15 year span. Charlie combines his engineering and project management expertise with his 15 year history of sales engineering to provide you with an aggressive and effective approach to project management.

Charlie Baldwin

In Charlie's free time, he enjoys sailing, hiking, tennis, racquetball and many water sports.

We maintain a hands on, heads up approach to ensure that you get your manufacturing needs met.

With an expertise in engineering and project management we ensure prompt delivery of your project's components and assemblies. 

We start by collaborating with you in identifying the best manufacturing methods available for your metal or plastic components design requirements.

Charlie knows metal working processs
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